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Football & me - From being affectionately called Wayne Rooney to working in a 9 to 6 job

Never thought one announcement would change my life to this extent that it will bring in a totally different personality out of me. To be honest i love and adore this me. I still remember it very well i was in 7th grade when some girls walked into our class to ask for names for inter house football tournament. As soon as i hear the announcement, some kind of rush went through my veins and my brain all of sudden responded “go for it”. I am someone who always prefer to listen to heart before brain. But that day~ miracles do happen. I signed up for that small school level league and i never realised that there a’int going back from there. When i started my family was a bit hesitant coz their ideology about girl playing sport was quiet sophisticated. Common claims like who will marry you if you will break your leg and bla bla, list it too long. But god’s grace i was lucky enough that my father supported me in all these situations. His efforts and motivating nature has always kept me going and i’ll always be grateful for it. Starting with small league then to inter school then state team and finally then to Indian team camp, i have played all the positions in football. Most of my coaches considered me as that stepney which fits anywhere anytime needed. This was my coaches statement when i was a part of Delhi senior team squad for National games. Not just this the reason why i fell in love with Wayne Rooney is also one of my coaches contribution. No doubt he is a great player and i am lucky that i get to be called by his name. Playing a sport that has so many superstition as a combo isn't all a smooth ride at all. It wont always have a happy side to it. Playing to any level and any kind of sport in our country has a hell lot of history behind it. I too faced it all. Starting from lying at home just to practice to I facing criticism for playing a men’s sport. Then to being alienated coz i chose to play a challenging sport. To face a-lot of issues regarding my regular practice even during football season. And had to cycle twice a day to school for practice coz i never wanted to be a burden to my family for my choice and interests. The list could go on. But i always came across all the issues, barriers just coz i was passionate about my sport. So passionate that even after been working for last 4 yeas in a 9-6job i still find time to practice, play, represent the state team of Karnataka as Vice Captain. Yeah i have represented Rajasthan, Delhi, Karnataka’s state teams. Not bragging about myself but yeah i was awarded as the highest goal scorer and the best player of tournament for CBSE zonal’s and many other tournaments too. Any given point if asked what bring the best in you ill always have one word in my mind is FOOTBALL.

Being a biker and a footballer shares my passion equally. Apart from being a biker i have done many track race events and was a part of the One make championship track racing squad (200CC) for the year 2019. Owning my bike and riding it all over the country has been a really great experience and has added a-lot to my learnings. The extent of love towards my riding journeys is this much that i have started vlogging my ride experiences on youtube.

I have always been a person with out of the box choices and decisions which always made my life more courageous and adventurous & “helps me in breaking the stereotypes”.

I am and will always continue to be a part of this different pool of people, coz it helps me in testing my limits and Be you & Be different.

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