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Mr. Deckline Leitao

(Fitness Expert)




Deckline Leitao has been training for more than two decades and brings the best of Sport and Exercise Science combined with wisdom from his years in the fitness coaching industry. He completed his graduate degree in Sports Science from the University of KZN, South Africa in 2005 and then went on to further study for post-graduate studies in Sport Culture from Roehampton University, London.
He also obtained advanced fitness coaching credentials such as the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) from NSCA - USA and the PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist) and CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) from National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA and is a Certified Personal Trainer. He regularly shares fitness related articles for newspapers, magazines, etc and has presented at various conferences on strength and conditioning.

He is the sought after person for high-performance sportspersons as well as the regular individual. His training combines wisdom and knowledge that he has gathered over years of learning, training, travelling and living and coaching in India, South Africa, United Kingdom and Japan.


Mr. Rajeev Makhija

Rajeev is an entrepreneur and provider of Sports Nutrition to major Indian sports teams, athletes and professionals. He has worked with big brands from UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Canada. With over 20 years of experience in Health, Fitness and Nutrition industry,  he brings vast knowledge and expertise from major worldwide regions to this team. He has worked closely with major retail changes QVC, HSN, DRTV, On-line, Direct to consumer and 'As Seen On TV' in the USA and Canada. He is double graduate professional (BSc/BAhons) in Science, Economics and Business from KATZ School of Business, University of Pittsburg, USA.

Ms. Priyavrindha

(Sports Psychologist)






Priyavrindha completed her Masters in psychology (2016-18) and subsequently obtained Certification as Sports psychology coach from Spencer Institute (USA) ,Diploma in Professional Sports psychology from Kew Academy  and P.G Diploma in child guidance and family counselling from Punjab University. Since obtaining Certification Priyavrindha has worked with Boxers , archers , para archers and athletes from across various states in India and Representing India. 
Currently attached with the youth Women boxing team and pursuing her Practitioner certification from American board of sport psychology. As a sport psychologist with National boxing academy (Rohtak) Priyavrindha combines these credentials with lifelong passion for sports to provide individual and group performance coaching to assist athletes (both amateur and professional) with achieving their sporting dreams and ambitions.
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